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Setting up your Helium Miner can be quite a challenge. We answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic:

What do I need to start mining?
You need 3 things to start mining:
  1. A Helium Miner including antenna
    The Helium miner is the main attribute to your setup. iotshop.io exclusively offers the Cloudgate Helium Miner made in Europe for an reliable and efficient mining experience. Further you have to choose between an indoor antenna or outdoor antenna. In principal outdoor antennas generate higher rewards because of wider reach.
  2. A ethernet/wifi connection and powersupply
    Helium Miners require internet connection and a power supply. Direct ethernet cable will outperform wifi in stability and is preferable.
  3. The Helium App
    You can download the Helium App in the Apple appstore or Google play store. In this app you create your own wallet to receive rewards. You also use this app to connect your Helium Miner tot the Helium Network.
How do I get paid to mine?
First you need to install the Helium App and create a wallet. Second you need to connect your Helium Miner with the Helium App and confirm your location. When your miner is started up and synced with the Helium Blockchain you will start to get daily rewards in the form of the Helium HNT token. This token is subject to market behaviour and fluctuate in contrast to the Euro, Dollar etc. You will be able to trade your HNT-tokens for your local currency on any cryptocurrency exchange of your liking.
Which type of DBI antenna is suitable for my situation?
The antenna determines your reach and connectivity in relation to surrounding miners. The amount of connections you make with other miners will boost your rewards. Furthermore, the more sensors your antenna will pick up in the future, the more data you forward through the network which will also increase rewards.

It is very important to have the right antenna for optimal reach. In principal: Outdoor antennas are superior in most situations and the higher they are installed the better.

The amount of DBI depends on your surroundings. Lower DBI antennas have a very dense signal suitable for urban areas with obstacles and many miners nearby. Higher DBI antennas reach much further and are suitable for plain low urban areas without lots of obstacles.
How much will I roughly make mining Helium?
Helium rewards are highly dependent on the price of the HNT token which is trending up in price nicely over the past 2 years but has huge fluctuations. Our testmodels with outdoor 8 DBI antennas placed 7 meters high averaged € 4,70 a day in the past year. (Cloudgate Helium Miner & Bobcat 300 testmodels)

This is however strongly dependent on individual locations and very hard to do with an indoor antenna. Once again, you want to place your antenna high with a clear line of sight to make connections with surounding Helium Miners in your area.

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